My 10 years of experience in data analytics and 7 years in data science, including advanced analytics, statistical modeling, and machine learning, enable me to work in a broad spectrum of scripting languages. I have advanced knowledge of Big Data and first-hand knowledge of data analysis and software development, including specialized knowledge of frameworks and scripting languages. Whether the project requires working collaboratively in a team or independently on ad hoc projects, I am able to deliver an unequaled standard of excellence in the delivery of large projects.

Reza Moshksar

Reza Moshksar, PhD

Senior Data Scientist @Moneris


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Critical Thinking

Utilizing critical thinking, I can spot wrong assumptions to solve problems and achieve results.

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Problem Solving

I can identify opportunities and explain problems and solutions. I know how to approach problems by identifying existing assumptions and resources.

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I drive the search for answers and dive deeper than surface results and initial assumptions. Also, on a daily basis, I follow data science news and events and tweets.

Big data

Big Data

On a daily basis, I work with Big Data. I have excellent work experience with different cloud platforms and Info structures.

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On a daily basis, I deal directly with the algorithms and codes that collect, parse, prepare, analyze, visualize, process, model, and deploy data through APIs or other solutions.

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Data Visualization

Data visualization is becoming a key tool in making sense of the vast volumes of data generated every day. I have expertise in visualizing data to make it understandable and meaningful.

data cleansing

Data Wrangling

By taking a broad look at patterns, trends, outliers, unexpected results, I figure out how best to manipulate available data sources to get the answers.

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Probability, Statistics and Math

I leverage my statistics, probabilities, and math expertise to perform exploratory data analysis and identify significant patterns and relationships to make better business decisions from data.

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Machine Learning & Deep learning

I have handled many machine learning & deep learning ad-hoc and production projects from A to Z.

Work Experience


April 1, 2021

As a Senior Data Scientist, working with timeseries and predictive models.


July 1, 2019

As a Senior Data Scientist, working with many analytical techniques and technologies.

Lambton Collage

March 1, 2019

Lambton Collage
As an Applied Research Project Data scientist, Implement a signal processing project in the Agile environment.

International Payment Solution

December 1, 2017

International Payment Solution
As a Senior Data Scientist, applied sentiment analysis and text summarization on social media data and Predicted credit rating of clients, based on transaction records and press releases and Settled and ranked potential customers base on geolocation and social media search history, which increased revenue by 47%.


October 15, 2013

As a Data Scientist, worked on multiple projects and applied data extraction, feature engineering, predictive classification, regression modeling, model assessment, NLP and etc.


October 1, 2009

As a tool and bot developer Designed more than 60 live web-based bots to check user’s edits, get page stats, detect anomaly edits, and list NSFW image’s name. Also, developed bots to edit, create and categorize pages using natural language processing (NLP) and Identified keywords and topics of articles with 98% accuracy.

Politecnico Di Milano

September 1, 2009

Politecnico Di Milano
Achieved Ph.D. from Politecnico di Milano. My thesis topic was Calibration of Building Energy Simulation through Meta-Models.

Technical Skills & Tools

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